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Key brand had been one of the leading manufacturers of Flat Healds and Drop Pins for over sixty years. They were Established in 1952, The National Wire Heald Works Pvt. Ltd.,(NWHW) were India’s largest and most reputed manufacturer of Flat Healds and Drop pins. Founded with the mission to deliver the best to the textile industry, they had etched out a distinct image as a Healds and Drop pins manufacturer to become a preferred choice in the Indian Textile Industry.

The National Wire Heald Works Pvt. Ltd.,(NWHW) initially started with the production of Twisted Twin Wire Healds for Shuttle and Power Looms under the brand name “KEY”. To cater to the growing market needs, they went on to manufacture all types of Flat Steel Healds – Simplex / Duplex in ‘C’ / ‘J’ / ‘O’ types for Shuttleless Weaving Machines and Drop Wires.

The Plant is now taken over by the two well known families of Surat, R S. Bachkaniwala led Himson Group and Suratwalas of C.B. Suratwala & Sons. The plant is based at Kim near Surat and the factory is spread over 10,000 sq ft.

Now the Key Brand has recommenced the production by M/s: Kaavya tech, the technological expertise continues to be extended by The National Wire Heald Works Pvt. Ltd.

The Key Brand Stainless Steel Flat Healds and Droppers unsurpassed quality will now be available as in the past and with the help of new technology we are still trying to improve the products day in & day out. And both Healds and Droppers are manufactured only from Imported Stainless Steel Strips of Grade AISI 420 / 403H.

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